Banipal 29Issue N° 29, Summer 2007, of Banipal, the Magazine of Modern Arab Literature, contains the following:

Editorial - Publisher/Ediror Margaret Obank

Nazik al-Malaika (23 August 1923 – 20 June 2007) – A Tribute
Hassan Daoud – Excerpt from the novel Year of the Revolutionary New Bread-Making Machine
Sargon Boulus – Eight Poems
Yousef al-Mohaimeed – Excerpt from a new novel The Bottle
Issa Makhlouf – Selected Poems
D H Melhem – Two Poems

Literary Influences
Issa J Boullata – Books and I

Feature on pioneer Iraqi novelist Ghaib Tu‘ma Farman
Salih Altoma – Introduction
Excerpt from the novel Five Voices [Khamsat Aswat]
Excerpt from Mr Ma‘ruf’s Woes [Alaam al-Sayyid Ma‘ruf]
William M Hutchins Introduction to Mr Ma‘ruf’s Woes

Nabil Abu Hamad – Excerpt from the novel The Cripple
Abbas Beydoun – Excerpt from the novel Blood Test
Duna Ghali – Excerpt from the novel When the Scent Awakens
Amira Abul Husn – Fifteen Poems
Salah al-Hamdani – Six Poems
Sinan Antoon – A Poem Necropolis
Wafa Malih – A short story NO!

Feature on Mohammed Bennis
Introduction and interview by Camilo Gomez-Rivas
Poems from the collections Gift of the Void and Over There You Stay

Driss Chraïbi (1926 – 1 April 2007) – A Tribute

Book Reviews
Mona Zaki, Thieves in Retirement by Hamdi Abu Golayyel
Peter Clark, My Name is Salma by Fadia Faqir
Judith Kazantzis, I‘jaam – An Iraqi Rhapsody by Sinan Antoon
Tarek el-Ariss, The Illusion of Return by Samir el-Youssef
Zuzana Kratka, Cairo Stories by Anne-Marie Drosso

Books in Brief
New editions of Nawal el Saadawi’s The Hidden Face of Eve, God Dies by the Nile and Woman at Point Zero; Tales of Juha: Classic Arab Folk Humour; Distant Train by Ibrahim Abdel Megid; The Anchor Book of Modern Arabic Fiction, edited by Denys Johnson-Davies; Learning English by Rachid al-Daif translated by Paula and Adnan Haydar; The Journals of Sarab Affan by Jabra Ibrahim Jabra translated by Ghassan Nasr; Streetwise by Mohamed Choukri; Pyramid Texts by Gamal al-Ghitani translated by Humphrey Davies; The Last of the Angels by Fadhil al-Azzawi translated by William M Hutchins; Maryam’s Maze by Mansoura Ez-Eldin trans. Paul Starkey; Wolves of the Crescent Moon by Yousef el-Mohaimed, trans Anthony Calderbank; Women on a Journey between Baghdad and London by Haifa Zangana, translated by Judy Cumberbatch; Being Abbas el Abd by Ahmed Alaidy trans. Humphrey Davies; The Essential Gibran and A Little Book of Love both compiled by Professor Suheil Bushrui; Swimming Toward the Light by Angela Tehaan Leone; Does the Land Remember Me? by Aziz Shihab; Arab Culture and the Novel – Genre, Identity and Agency in Egyptian Fiction, by Muhammad Siddiq; La Part de L’étranger by Kadhim Jihad Hassan; Voices of Exiles : A Study of al-Tayyib Salih and his Work by Ami Elad-Bouskila; Letters from Cairo by Pauline Kaldas; Rituals of Memory in Contemporary Arab Women’s Writing by Brinda Mehta

Dearborn, USA, 17–20 May 2007: RAWI Arab-American Writers Conference
New York, 23 May 2007: Celebrating Lebanese Poets with Banipal
Amman, 27–28 April 2007: Next Page Foundation at Arab Thought Conference
Abu Dhabi, 31 March–7 April 2007: International Book Fair

Cover artist is Syrian painter Ahmed Moualla