JEHAT MOBILE is the pioneering web site that has brought the beauty of Arabic poetry and the intellectual challenges of Arabic literature to a wide audience. continues its convergence of technology and literature to further enhance the creative experience of visitors to the website; has done this by now providing visitors the ability of downloading poems to their PDA.

This service will start in English language only and then will expand to cover all other languages (including Arabic).  

All you need to do is to log on to and click on the Jehat Mobile icon located in the top right  Once you are there it is a simple matter of selecting the data you wish to download.  Click on the Jehat Mobile icon to synchronise your PDA to store your favourite poem to take with you offline and on the road.

This new service has been tested using a Palm PDA but later we will expand will work on any handheld device providing the device has a web-capable browser.  Simply open the web browser on your handheld device and enter the address for direct access.  Bookmark this address in your browser to relocate easily.