Translated by A.M.Muffaze

Fallen Man, John Tuomisto Bell - America

Fallen Man
Glorious are the trees,
the animals,
the birds
and the stones
above you.

Fallen Man
If only I were a fire to be snuffed by water
A mountain to be bound by water
An air to not breathe by humans
If only I were nothing.

Fallen Man
Glorious are the inhuman;
Man who would not know God
Man who would not know themselves
pray for their shells all the same.

Fallen Man
O God, even an animal
- for we are lowlier than animals –
weeps over its victim
where we would kick them aside.

Fallen Man
O God, even a snake
- for we are lowlier than the snakes –
Stings gently the vile touch
and writhes like a long rope
from the sting of Man.

Fallen Man
If it is true what religions say
about the Resurrection
Let it come now
O an ancient flood
sweep away this dying branch.

Adults are suspicious
God lives in the young
But my Lord, even children
will grow;
They will ravish
and destroy
over small things.

Fallen Man
Your poetry
is but an imitation of light
and love’s revelations
or the spring of a gazelle;
Your music
is but a whisper
in the might of the wind
at the feet of the rain
and the cry that bursts
from a heart of stone;
Your masterpieces
are but a poor copy of the world.

My Lord, I am grateful that
the ruin of mankind
is the happiness of others
the end of black and white
and cruel intentions;
Let them sing
as they had at the beginning

Fallen Man
at the end of an era
let us return from whence we came.

O humankind
unwelcomed in God’s domain
Do you not yet realize you are merely an artifice
for an inequitable soul?

O God, create another (in your image)
without a mind (by which to fight others)
without a soul (by which to pray)
from begetting others
who would walk in your footsteps
and plot for your throne
For man is but a golem
of clay.

Fallen Man
Your evil is manifest
and the life of evil is short.



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