Saad Jasim

Before more than one calamity,
My eyelids were forced to announce
Their bankruptcy
So I thought to implore, not to implore to implore
*Iraqi women who sell lust cigarettes
And water of face fountains
In front of face fountains
*The mad of the killed that never die.
*The old of sick beds.
*The mountains too ancient in loneliness and secrets
*And flocks of snoring
I said: I implore and don't implore them to give me sum sleep.

* * *

Before the creatures, implored to at the prelude
Of the text are entangled in lending me sum of sleep,
They shouldn't think to without it.
And if they thought, I would advice them
To consult Mr. Israel who will not be miserly
In consumption or perishing an abundance of his treasures
Without affecting a death -fills" in his treasuries full with ingots, shrouds, snakes and rubies of "sleep, then nothing".

* * *

I said all this
Celebrating the woman-the eternal mirror
And her- my quarreling eyelids
Since more than one calamity,
I said it
Honoring Shakespeare eyelids
Who said to me one blind nightmare?
In 16on17-1-1991,
Or maybe in the truth of
My everlasting madness,
Oh, I hate history
Because I have been falling in it since 3-6-1959
Or since the grouping of my creation sperms
In the black of my father,
I said: Shakespeare
He said to me:

Oh sorry Saad- noos

                            Death is sleep,           then nothing

- No sir.
- Death is sleep, then something
… And something
…And something
And S..O..M..E..T..H..I..N..G..S.

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