Ron Riddell

Ron Riddell If I could catch all the tears,
I have cried for you, Colombia!

If I could catch all the tears
And make a sea of peace,

We could float there, you & I -
We could float there and watch the sky.

We could rock our cradle on gentle waves -
The cradle of peace, our spirit craves.

We could rock there and rest our eyes -
Rock there, and hear no baby cry.

O, this child of peace we hold in our hearts!
This child of spirit, we shall give rise to.

See him! See him! Let us hold him
In our arms! Let us hold him close -

And rock him asleep, before we pass him
Into the cradle; the spirit vessel, floating free.

If I could catch all the tears I cry -
The tears I cry for you, O my Colombia!

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