Monzer Masri

1- A fist-shaped vase!
I stayed
Because you asked me
Not only with your faint voice
But also with fixed silence
To stay.
Three fingers on your mouth
And a window brimful of the emptiness
Into which our eyes soar
That's what was between us.
Soon each of us felt foolish
So we exchanged a brief smile
Then we inspected
All that our hands can reach
The dried-up pens which don't write
The thoughts that's lost
The feelings that hesitate between
The dry wild weeds
In the fist-shaped vase
And the white plane-shaped
Ash tray.
When you misunderstood
What I said And you agreed to
Then I repeated it explaining it to you
In the Wright way
And you agreed again
as if I told you that
I stood on a verge of a valley
And called a name
Then the echo returned it to me
another name..

2- the notion which I revealed to you

You will remember
Every time I turn of the light
And lock the door
I go back and search for the key
In all my pockets
To open the door and switch on the light
And take the thing that I was very careful
Not to forget
But I did.
You will remember
What a fool I am
When in the middle of tears
I always showed my smile
For that notion which I revealed to you
That God molded man
From a mixture of ash and tears.
(Whose tears?)
You asked.
Even when I'm not there
There will be nothing to stop me
Rather every thing will help me
To contrive
In a that vague way
My joy…           
being in your reminiscence..

3-the poems of mine that I didn't write

Many birds
Will land in this place
And will pick up food crumbs
near to my shoes
And will not find me.
Someone will open his mouth to call my name
A letter or two
Then he will not wait
To hear my answer.
They will put their palms on the stones
imagining they are taping on my shoulder
Or touching my forehead
Once or twice
Then the will feel it ridiculous
They will close there eyes
longing to kiss my lips
Then they will open them and look around
As a waken from a dream.
I've always kept on
Carrying with me
wherever I go
The least I need of my journey
So remember that I've left to you
A lot of what I didn't write
Of my poems..

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