Rita Odeh

Mirrors Of Illusion

Isn't it Time
To set my body free
From the bottle of perfume
To set my pain free
From the the coffins of the tribe
To set my neck free
From the scaffold of injustice
And my face
From the mirrors of illusion
To look for my voice
In the chat of seabirds
To the waves
To draw my identity card
In the whisper of the papers
To the waves of ink

Nazareth, 1998


A Heavenly Butterfly

With a butterfly like me
You don't need a net
For you can be
A flower in which
I long to rest

I Release Your Wings

Don't enter
The cage of my heart
As a tame bird
Be free ..free..free
Fly high ..high ..high
This is only how
I can
Adore you

Trapped In My Net

Like a baby lion
You come strutting
Into my net
Asking to be caught
While we are both already caught
In the cage of


Play as you wish
On my strings
For nobody owns
The keys of my violin
Except me

The Game Of Words

If you accept a woman
Born of nothing but words
And can give nothing but words
Then I"ll bless
Our birth
Inside the womb
Of language
And I'll bless
The expected mess
Of our dream's sparkles


How delicious death can be
When I live
The resurrection
Of my heart
On your palms


I wished
If I hadn't been born
If no hand had touched me before
To be born virgin
On your hands
To teach me
The language of

Adam And Eve

He promised her
Fields of wheat
He promised
Love and heat
She received
Waves of

A Well Of Pain

I pour my pain
As a fall
Inside the well
Of your heart
And your lips
Sip it
Drop by drop

Wets The Poem's Dress

Don't wash
In the rain of my pain
So that you won't catch
The virus of writing
From the deepest point
Of the heart


Your heart
Has the taste of life
The colours of flowers
The sparkles of childhood
No hand has polluted
Your child-like heart
No hand will pollute
The wings of a heavenly bird
That set off innocently
To the lap of


Wish if I could have known
Your feelings about
A woman who
Writes you her heart
In ink
And serves it on a silent plate of
Friendship so that your lips
Can sip its fragrance
Drop by drop
But your childhood was
Against all

In The Bathroom

The train of your love
Passed me in a hurry
But it didn't smash my lamps
And it didn't
And it won't
Make love with my soul
In the bathroom

Three Men And One Word

One man
Plants my sky
With stars of the sweetest words
The second composes these words
And plants them in my emotion
As his best best song
The third hunts them
As you may hunt a fly
To solve the puzzle of crosswords


My buds have never blossomed
On any branch
At any time
The moment your heart
The strings
Of my affection

Moments Of Worship

As a migratory bird
Your wings landed
On the affection of my palm
I became your homeland
You became my birth
Then farewell blew
And tore the virginity of happiness
And distorted our moments of worship
It wringed, bewildered, wounded us
Then it threw us
Each in an

You Or The Poem

I have always been
Out of breath
After the steps
Of "some" man by my charms
To hunt "some" poem
But when my heart fell in love
The "poem" began
Chasing, detaining, surrounding me
Hunting my strength
hunting my weaknesses

Nazareth, 1999


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