Hameed Alqaed

Hameed Alqaed on the bottom:
a deep dark abyss
with its legs open
       to pull me down
in the middle:
a shining sword seducing me
a broken heart
containing a bloody world
slipping out of my mouth
on top:
a glowing light
pulling back quickly
I extend my hand fully
to hide in it
         far away…..


 learn how to hide your secrets
behind the cages of your  chest
so no wind hear
learn not to tell your love to your brothers
so they will not become your enemies
learn all names
but keep yours to yourself
all those present have no upper reach
they lost it to an addiction of  bowing  
whose floor rejected their faces

learn how to walk on a hair
extending from sky to earth
without falling
learn how to fight with the arrows of your eyes
without swords
without horses
without tongue
and remain victorious

learn while you running
to look behind
watch your back
there are thousands of "Brutus" waiting
erecting barricades of death
behind your neck
inside your body
even in your sleep
protect your back with cement
or better with steel
so no sudden stubs will strike you down



I will hide our love behind the sun
for no ill wind to find
I will hide it inside a flower
so it remains fresh as your eyes
oh, my beguiling transparent lady
you have stolen the best of my soul
and left me alone


she gave me passion 
I gave her writings 
she was not a woman… no
not even a cloud
may be a child
     a dead body
              or may be a mummy
she was not a woman
don’t get me wrong
believe me
as I don’t know myself
at the moment of writing


am I stepping from my death
or proceeding to it
I am the revival king
whose blood never betrays 
does the water die of lust to a flower
does the heart close
when it find itself overfilled  with passion
the wild rage of youth
oh, the fading lust
how cruel you are
when you grip the flank 

Hanging with a thread of saffron
between the dream
and the moment just before wakefulness
the moment whip me to wake up
the dream contends stubbornly
…. a cigarette after another
the dream turns into ashes
tempered with by wind 


In the battlefield
my body fought me 
I fought him
and since I was holding my sword
I was knocked down
a victim of body


  • Born in Bahrain on 24 October 1948.
  •  Worked for many years with banks, and in accounting and management fields.
  •  Studied in Bahrain and obtained many degrees and attended various courses in English language, banking, accounting and management in London and Hong Kong. 
  •  Started writing poetry late sixties. Published his first poetry collection "Lover in the Era of Thirst" in 1975. He stopped writing for many years and suddenly he published his second poetry book "Noise of Whisper" in 2003, in Arabic language,  and translated in English by the writer himself. This book won first prize in the “Distinguished Book” compeition for the year 2003, organized annually by the Ministry of Information in Bahrain. 
  •  He published his poems and texts in many Arabic newspapers, magazines and periodicals. He also took part in many poetry recitals in Bahrain and overseas.
  •  He translated many English and American poems, short stories and essays  into Arabic, most important of which is Van Gough Letters from English to Arabic. 
  •  He translated "Nooran" novel, by Bahraini writer Farid Ramadan, as part of joint graphic work with Jamal Abdul Rahim, a famous Bahraini artist.
  •  A member of Bahrain Writers Association since 1970 and held many positions on its board of directors. At present, he is the vice president.
  •  He represented Bahrain Writers Association in a number of conferences on poetry and literature overseas. 
  •  At present, he works as full time professional translator and conduct his business through his own office . 

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