Keyvan  Sayar
(Iran / France)

(song of the bleeding throat)

Keyvan  SayarFateful willow harmony
Heavy clouds the sky does bear
Lying mourn beneath the tree
Teardrops floating in the air

Thankful halt in thy twin palms
Say my mistake is to believe
The widow heart so lone and calm
Inside my chest in silence grieves

I write thy name and I rue thee
Me painful pilgrim, barefooted love
Again I pray, again I see
Thy fair name written in stars above

(from the "Silence Within" Anthology)



I walked down the streets of Nevertosay
Lost my eyes aloof into a blueish gaze
Spoke a word or two of what be and may
Saw my days and ways vanish in the haze

Along with a friend a shadow and a sight
I ate all these words made of relentless clouds
I sang up a castle painted in clothes of night
Of what be and might
Spoke a word or two into the light

I walked down the streets till the sun be set
In Nevertosay it's never too late
For a drop of blood and a songful of love

All you've been dreaming of
Till the sun be fate
It's never too late

(from the "Silence Within" anthology)


My mind is gone in silent tears
Over the years
Over the years
My words have slipped into my ears
in silent tears
in silent tears

 (from the "Eternal songs"
 anthology and the "Silence Within"


Morning song, morning day
My eyes enclosed silently bleed
The dawning night has fled away
The bubble question is the deed

Mistakes, illusions always die
But they are not you think they are
The sight is true, the truth is sight
An air whispers : bizarre bizarre

What do you know ? what is your goal ?
Thank the fair sky I might precise
Goal is a gaol, you is a role
And you will never fail to rise

(from the "Silence Within" Anthology)



Stingy bluish afternoon
A subway ride, a heart in bloom
The feelings relentlessly gloom
Some things sometimes happen too soon

Under the tree, the sycamore
A shadow lies of colour blue
The letter K, the sound of new
Unprecedented speech and rule

O light on sight that's overblessed
Alone and palely loitering
The bard is old, the loin's at fest
And time is for remembering.




You heard him go
You heard him speak
You heard his voice treble and weak
You heard the tears wringing his throat
These tragic words he loves to quote
Despair, design, the sign is fair
The fairy's fine,
Light is the air

Deceit, illusion in all despite
Of every May that life may bring
Of every Might the sky might sing
Forget that death is pure desire


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