Manal Al_shiekh

Hi to James Blunt

Being lost scares me
For no way do I guess to silk
How then can one explain?
Your sitting texture into insane sofa
And your flying horse hung from a Nile crack
Do you really ride on a heaven trampled beneath the sun feet?
Have I to teach lips of mine
 all words
To perceive how best hugging is committed
Come closer and closer
Do print those looks on my fatal screen
Seek seclusion with
My bleeding evening
Still crouching unto
A fist of strange fate
Still do we have orphan Home
On whose remaining does James Blunt Sing?
 Where in people parted the lane flute
 Longing steps no longer
To attract those illusions of my tribe
And thereby none comes back to a cave
Twice shall we let you have a seat?
Into a question curve
Twice shall you sing us Heavenly Replies?
Once while you pass it by without being touched
  And secondly while you beg a dignified goblet for this Home
As HE stands indifferently
With eyes intending to break
That sorrows once I bled
With stabbed scare
Through your harp
Over a childhood wall
U did burry waste lands
With us
And later on enveloped your address with a message saying, 
How do they come back Blunt
As having found the hole and the wall,
And history bitterness
What all that they can do
Is to die like noble smokers
Having nightmares of a coming Eid.
They did leave the silence of lamb
Borrowing the princess thread and fevered needle
Might they climb up our mornings?
Thinking the fate coat can spare our escaping
Facts moses
No bids when it is a matter of rose life
Our message never to declare:" bring them back home"
In stead we shall
Kick the fate of our sighs
So as to stay with you and your Guitar
And I shall let it out,
O, blind nation  
O, novelist who hides behind Kufiya and one- eyed Iqal
Does protest like this music?                                                                                          
And let the scarf quiver like a strong will               
  Stop wiping your ass with desire stones
 Stop freeing your blind tubes towards a dice vision
Stop swallowing your sighs
While on yachts made- by silent-
Of our illuminating flesh
Might they give black fighters light?
   Still hidden inside a Sumerian heart                                                                                                   
It was a day
So beating
A pure

James Blunt: British singer who rejected that brutal U.S attack against the Sunni city of Falluja.

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