Dalia Riadh

Translated by Sharif Elmusa
from Al-quds al-arabi newspaper, London


Please, don't play the violin
while you kiss me,
please don't kiss me
while you play the violin
oh no, don't kiss the violin
While strum my chords
Please . . . don't play . . . the kiss
kiss the violin
Please, ah no,
Plea- . . . se

Baghdad, 15 December 1999



Maybe I'd die of loving you
Maybe you'd plant a tree on my tomb
And a woodcutter would fell the tree
And a notebook be made from the wood
Maybe another woman would fall in love with you
And write her first poem
To you
In the notebook made from the tree
Which fed on my flesh

Baghdad, 15 December 1999

Reprinted courtesy Banipal magazine from Banipal No 8, Summer 2000.


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