Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Translated by Bahjat Abbas

 How glorious is the nature
Embracing me with light!
How the sun glitters!
How the meadow laughs!
The flowers are bursting
From each branch
And a thousand voices
From tiny shrubs
And joy and happiness
From every heart.
O earth, O sun!
O delight, O pleasure!
O love, O love!
So precious so pretty,
As the morning’s clouds
On those mounds!
Marvellously you bless
The fresh field,
In blossoms’ mist
The fullness of the world.
O girl, O sweet!
How I love you!
How your eye reveals
How you love me!
As the lark loves
Singing and air,
And morning’s flowers
The scent of the heaven,
As I love you
With warm blood,
You who gives me youth
And joy and spirit
For new songs and dances.
Forever be happy,
As you are in love!

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