Fereshteh Angie Maheronagsh

Fereshteh Angie MaheronagshThough I am not a bird
I can fly high and far
to an unknown future
Where the stars search for a sky... to be...
Where the earth awaits for the sun, to reach beyond the clouds...
Where the rivers stretch their bodies to meet the ocean...
and...Where the galaxies become one, in... nothingness!
When I am with you....

Though I'm not crazy
I loose my mind
Like a Yogi gone deep in heavens...
Like a tornado, crushing the past and thriving the future...
Like the tides sacrificing their bodies to reach the shore...
and... like a drunk , intoxicated with the beauty of the subliminal world
When you hold me in your arms...
and I feel that I am in you.

Though I lost control on the path of happiness
Like a lost child on a crowded street...
Like a lonely leaf on a dead branch...
and... like a flower with no pedals
I find myself... not a child
but......... a woman, with you.

Though I may seem uncertain
When the seasons change...
When the sun will shine...
and... when you look in me and our souls intertwine for ever
believe me...........
the one who has my heart... is you


There will be a night
when the shining stars
will come down like rain
and fill the earth with their magic lights
and some will crown my hair
and some will dance with the moon
and sing with the river

and the leaves will applaud their opening ceremony of happiness

there will be a day
when the sun will trust the clouds
and Gazelles will stand up to the lions
and harmony will not have to search for freedom

there will be a time when harmony will find happiness!

Born on Nov.29, 1960, Tehran, Iran
Jan.1979, migrated to USA.
Personal works: Painting fine art, interior decorating, photography and poems

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