Napoleon’s Infancy

Jamal Juma

Jamal JumaOnce I had paper
I did not know to use.
I covered it with blue sadness.

Once I had fingers
pointing to all, saying: Bang!
but nobody died.

Wild-goats of suffering running
in the field of pleasure.
I neither say cease, nor despise them.
I was created from clay
And molded by dullness
ever since I’ve been longing

for freedom of the mud.
I dislike the sun
because it dies daily
and dislike the sun
because it does not last long.

Once I had paper
I cut into little letters
and scattered into the wind,
but nobody responded.

when I passed by a stream
threw pebbles into it
and asked them not to scream.

I wanted to be a tree
but was slain by lovers.
I wanted to be rain
but was divided by rivers.
I am determined to be a human being
to divide the rivers
and to disarm the knife form the lovers’ hand.

Why it rains
Whenever I remember my hat?

Once I had paper
I made into hundreds of boats of desire,
but they sail merely in water of deprivation.

Once I had stars
I sent them beams of light
so they should never fade.

Once I had stars
I counted my tears in them
and I never reached the end.
I was born on the wing of cloud
I stumbled with the birds while I descended.
Ever since I’ve been leaning on my wing.

No friend aid me
in selecting my loose.
No war leads to a better defeat.
Why my infancy trembles
when I remember the future?

My beard has matured
I have to say
farewell to the sparrow.


Jamal Juma

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